Pulp & Paper

The pulp & paper production process requires water at nearly every stage. The wastewater streams vary greatly in concentration and composition (e.g. chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD, BOD), suspended solids, wood extractives, sulphur, pH). Efficient water management has become more important to producers as stricter rules and regulations on fresh water intake and wastewater discharge are introduced.

Wastewater Treatment (Aerobic & Anaerobic)

SKion Water has installed over 200 pulp & paper wastewater treatment plants worldwide. We design, build and deliver turnkey, cost-effective and customized treatment plants including biological purification processes.

Our technology allows customers to reduce energy consumption and minimize sludge production, resulting in lower operational costs. Through our proprietary bioreactors, we are able to generate biogas, a renewable source of electricity which our customers can use to run their plants and also meet increasingly strict environmental regulations. In order to avoid corrosion of downstream equipment, we supply our customers a proprietary gas scrubber for desulphurization of biogas.

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