Nutrient Management & Energy Recovery

SKion Water's proprietary technologies are able to recover nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, as well as latent heat from wastewater for a truly sustainable wastewater management.

Nutrient & Energy Recovery

SKion Water helps our customers to effectively remove and reclaim nutrients from sludge and wastewater, as well as make most of the latent energy in wastewater.

Over the past years, SKion Water has developed multi-technology processes which transform existing wastewater treatment plants into production factories of green-energy and nutrients. By using developed and proven technologies from our extensive portfolio, we efficiently convert biological sludge into energy while producing a reduced sludge mass that eases disposal and reduces the environmental footprint. The application of our technologies and processes saves both capital and operational costs (CAPEX/OPEX) in the treatment of wastewater and generates valuable by-products such as phosphorus.

Nutrient Removal

In order to comply with discharge regulations, the removal of nutrients such as nitrogen or phosphorous is often a major challenge.

We offer a wide variety of effective technologies that remove nutrients from water such as Controlled Struvite Precipitation (CSP) for the improvement of sludge dewatering and elimination of struvite. We also offer our customers cost-effective nitrogen and ammonium removal from wastewater. Our processes can save customers up to 60% on operational costs and reduce the CO2 footprint of their plant.

Nutrient Monitoring

In order to comply with regulations, or recover/reuse nutrients from wastewater and sludge, it is important to be able to monitor them accurately.

SKion Water offers innovative sensors and digital solutions for nutrient monitoring in WWTP influent, effluent as well as surface waters including lakes and rivers. Whether it is very precise measurements of phosphorus or nitrate in water using lab-on-a-chip technology or complex measurements of biological systems, SKion Water has the expertise to monitor nutrient concentrations in freshwater, surface water and wastewater and draw the right conclusions for plant, water network or catchment area.

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