Modular Systems

SKion Water offers modular plant systems to our customers for decentralized water recycling, wastewater treatment and water conditioning.

Modular Systems

Our modular plant solutions provide our customers with many benefits such as greater flexibility, lower costs and faster implementation. Our systems are pre-fabricated and can then be adapted to fit our customers' needs.

SKion Water works together with our customers to understand their water and wastewater treatment challenges and then adapts the solutions to fit inside our pre-fabricated modular plants. Our customers can choose to combine any of our proprietary technologies and solutions, such as biological, physico-chemical or flotation processes, into the modular system.

The plug&play, modular solutions replace the need to construct costly plants and buildings from concrete and steel. They also do not require building permits. Once the customized module is manufactured, pre-assembled and pre-tested, our engineers will ship it to our customer's site and connect it to the existing infrastructure.

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