Mobile Systems

Our fleet of mobile treatment modules for different applications help solve temporal treatment bottlenecks on industrial sites and provide water solutions for construction sites.

Robust, Mobile Treatment Systems for Rent

SKion Water supplies our customers with industrial mobile treatment solutions as well as on-site treatment rentals. We have a diverse portfolio of full scale, mobile water and wastewater treatment units available for short term or long-term rental.

Whenever a water treatment system is undersized or shut down for maintenance, or needs to handle additional water volume, our mobile units are the ideal solution. The temporary use of a mobile water or wastewater treatment unit is often the best solution for a planned expansion of a pilot plant or for emergency relief.

We provide biological, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange systems in standard 12m / 40ft trailers. We operate the system to ensure the quality and quantity of water needed. Our water process experts develop the required solution by beginning with a raw water analysis. Throughout the contract, we ensure the system is operated and maintained properly for a reliable, cost-effective source of treated water.

Remote sites achieve significant operational cost savings from the use of our wastewater plant rentals when compared with trucking wastewater off-site. Our solutions are designed to meet and exceed environmental standards to assure operations run smoothly.

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