Cooling Water Treatment

Well-functioning cooling systems are an important prerequisite for smooth operation in industry. The cooling water treatment plays a decisive role for the function of the systems and the health of our citizens.

Cooling Water Treatment (incl. Special Hygiene Management)

SKion Water offers a range of resources and services related to the safe and hygienic management of cooling water.

The quality of cooling water is particularly important in open and semi-open re-cooling systems that dissipate heat through evaporation or the spraying of water. This can, for example, include evaporation cooling towers and their water cycle, evaporation condensers or hybrid cooling towers. Responsible cooling water treatment is based on a thorough analysis of all processes and comprehensive documentation of the cooling circuits. Regular monitoring can identify and minimize possible functional disorders or health risks.

We analyze cooling water circuits as part of hygiene management and optimize them in consultation in order to limit and reduce hardness deposits, corrosion and biofilms, or other production impairments. Our equipment for cooling water treatment is tailored to the cooling water process in order to save costs and protect the environment.

Both citizens and water treatment systems risk negative side effects if cooling water is not handled adequately. For example, Legionella, which continuously enters the water cycle via biofilms, creates severe health problems. If people inhale contaminated droplets, they can develop flu-like Pontiac fever or Legionnaires' disease, a serious pneumonia that is fatal in up to 15 percent of cases. Our legionella management system helps ensure the hygienic operation of re-cooling systems.

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