Water Catchment & Meteorology

Our knowledge of meteorology enables us to forecast climatic parameters and is combined with application expertise in system and decision-making management. We use cutting-edge innovation, new technologies and integrated water resources management to optimize the deployment of hydraulic resources, prevent rises in water levels and floods, control pollution, reuse water and conserve water resources.

Weather Radar Systems & Meteorological Stations

SKion Water provides automatic meteorological stations and weather radar systems which guarantee the real-time monitoring of the most significant meteorological parameters.

Alert systems are based on climatic parameters to improve readiness for potentially adverse situations, such as heavy or prolonged rain. With the accurate data and information, decisions are easier to make and resources are deployed more efficiently. For example, we can improve crop management by monitoring the state of the soil and predicting rainfall, temperatures and other parameters.

Catchment Management (Water Quality & Quantity)

SKion Water offers two main areas of activity in catchment management: water quality information systems (independent computing architecture networks) and automatic water information systems.

SKion Water’s experience in water alert networks and quality control is evident in the design, manufacture and implementation of extremely reliable control and monitoring equipment with a full suite of maintenance services. Each station is equipped with different test equipment according to the required environmental sensitivity and nature of the environment, and analyzes potentially contaminating substances and physical-chemical parameters.

Automatic water information systems are a powerful solution that enables the real-time knowledge of the hydrological and hydraulic state of the watershed, including knowing how the control devices inside it function.

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