Solar / Glass / Ceramics

Large quantities of water are required in the manufacturing and production process, leading to a large amount of polluted wastewater with valuable and partly toxic substances. Our technologies and efficient water management solutions help treat wastewater from solar, glass and ceramic production so that as much water as possible can be recycled.

Process Water Treatment

SKion Water provides state-of-art, patented plant technology for the solar/glass/ceramic industries. We combine systems for treatment using physio-chemical processes and membrane technologies.

The solar/glass/ceramic industries need large volumes of pure water for thin film and silicon applications as well as for glass washing, wet benches and etching processes. The pure water quality directly influences the quality of the manufactured products. Our environmentally friendly and future oriented solutions help produce high quality products. Our application consultants, engineers and process technicians develop solutions for the production and circulation of deionized water and process water that are tailor-made for each individual application.

Wastewater Treatment

Due to the many different processing steps in solar/glass/ceramic production, such as polishing, grinding and rinsing, this type of wastewater usually contains hazardous and toxic substances such as hydrofluoric acid, arsenic and cyanide.

We offer cost-effective and ecological state-of-the-art solutions for wastewater containing suspended matter and heavy metals. Our physio-chemical wastewater plants, such as flocculation and flotation plants, are standardized to ensure consistent high quality and swift implementation. Our technologies provide long-term benefits for our customers such as reducing disposal costs and elimination of tank cleaning.

Water Recycling Solutions

Water recycling in the solar/glass/ceramic industry is essential in reducing large quantities of water used in production. We supply customers with solutions that lower their water consumption and enable the recycling of materials used in production.

We specialize in the construction of wastewater recycling plants for solar/glass/ceramic customers. We offer tailor-made solutions so that every individual challenge is solved uniquely by our in-house expertise. Due to our water recycling and water reclamation capabilities, our customers can reuse the recycled water in the production process, ultimately saving significant amounts of potable water.

For example, we are able to supply the ceramics industry with innovative microfiltration technologies that treat rinse concentrations from the glazing process, allowing customers to reuse both the recycled water and the glazing material.

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