Our products and EPC services cover the entire treatment process for municipal drinking water, wastewater and storm water, and lead the market in numerous regions.

Drinking Water Treatment

We specialize in the design, engineering and commissioning of complex treatment plants with high volume flows that provide the uninterrupted supply of safe and sufficient water to households from a variety of predominantly natural sources.

SKion Water has been helping municipalities and their planners and operators rise to this challenge for decades. The reliable design, planning, engineering and effective deployment of our technologies is something we are renowned for. Our after-sales services support operating staff in the efficient day-to-day operation of treatment systems and to get the most out of the infrastructure over its life-cycle.

Wastewater Treatment

We treat wastewater efficiently and sustainably with the most modern processes and technologies. We offer all the required technologies and provide turnkey solutions for all wastewater challenges.

Today's definition of energy efficiency requires municipalities to permanently optimize their wastewater technology. The demands on the quality of the treated wastewater are increasing more and more. Treatment of wastewater to achieve a final effluent quality suitable for safe discharge direct to a water course, or for reuse purposes, presents a variety of challenges.

At SKion Water, we continually seek new methods to ensure extremely high levels of plant performance. Our wastewater treatment technologies are economic, efficient and environmentally friendly. After consulting on the best technical solution available, we take full service responsibility, or provide equipment and solutions for the individual elements of our clients’ wastewater treatment plants.

Our portfolio in the municipal wastewater market spans the entire process. With thousands of municipal wastewater installations worldwide and over 200 years of combined experience in this market, SKion Water has the expertise to offer practical, effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Stormwater Treatment & Management

We equip rainwater basins and flood systems so they function reliably, even in an emergency. We provide innovative IT management systems as well as unique technology solutions that allow our customers to manage and treat stormwater in a safe and effective manner.

Municipalities are increasingly struggling with torrential rain and floods. The safety of entire regions depends on whether those responsible can correctly assess heavy rain and flooding and control them in an emergency. Management and the right technology are decisive.

Our experts equip rainwater retention and clarification basins with electrical, control, telecontrol and machine technology to better deal with emergencies. We have extensive experience in the implementation of weir systems and flood pumping stations. We also provide complete IT systems for the management of stormwater, giving transparency on volumes, required actions and water quality level. Innovative technology allows the safe treatment of stormwater before it overflows to water courses. One thing always has top priority for us: The safety and function of the systems - especially in an emergency.

Sludge Handling & Treatment

We offer complete solutions for sludge treatment, including efficient digestion and energy-optimized drying.

Dealing with and disposing sewage sludge is both challenging and expensive. In addition, sludge is a valuable source of nutrients and renewable energy which should be utilized. For example, optimized sludge digestion enables energy-independent and carbon neutral wastewater treatment plants.

Our experience in sludge treatment is extensive, with our portfolio covering sludge thickening, digestion, dewatering and drying. With our proprietary, innovative designs we have advanced the treatment of sludge to new realms.


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