Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen holds to play a major role in decarbonizing industrial sectors and expand the renewable energy sector. To make green hydrogen you simply need high-purity water and green electricity.

Pure Water Solutions

SKion Water supplies high-purity water solutions to support sustainable green hydrogen production. Our experts offer water and energy efficient plant solutions resulting in many commercial and operational benefits for our customers.

The production of green hydrogen is carried out by electrolysis. For this purpose, pure water must be reliably available, even in large quantities. SKion Water's product portfolio enables the customer to convert any water source into high-purity water suitable for splitting into hydrogen and oxygen. To produce the high-purity water qualities, we use different technologies and combinations of these:

• Chemical-physical processes
• Membrane technology, such as ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis
• Electro-deionization
• Multi-stage ion exchange systems
• Varietal regeneration of ion exchange resins

We offer individual plant solutions for water treatment and polishing. Our demineralization plants are available as customized solutions or easy-to-operate deployable package plants.

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