Water is an essential element in the construction industry, needed for drinking water for workers and for construction processes. Water must be efficiently managed in order to ensure its consumption is optimized effectively and that the environment remains unharmed.

Decentral Working Camp Solutions

Access to water is essential for construction workers. Temporary site water operations demand circularity, modularity, performance and compliance with municipal wastewater treatment plant regulations. Our solutions fulfill all these requirements and offer solutions to minimize residual material.

SKion Water has a complete product suite for conventional and advanced treatment systems that are mobile, and easily mobilized and demobilized. The units, which support 10 people to 6,000 people, are modular and easily scaled to match construction manpower or operational loads. Plant automation minimizes operator input requirements, simplifying the day-to-day operation.

Our solutions ensure the system is compliant to the most stringent of discharge regulations and generate an effluent that is suitable for direct reuse should the site need water for dust suppression or other non-potable water needs. In addition, we offer several options for sludge management and dewatering to help minimize the biosolid disposal cost of the sanitation units.

Runoff Treatment

Our mobile and portable solutions ensure that your construction activities comply with your permit and local water regulations.

Runoff from construction sites often collects sediment and other pollutants such as paint, solvents, building materials, and chemicals. Contaminated runoff must be treated to comply with local water regulations before entering local water bodies.

Our mobile and portable treatment systems come in standardized 12m/40ft containers that include the technology required to treat the runoff accordingly, as well as all the necessary auxiliary equipment including pre-screen and conditioning, treatment and post-treatment and centralized PLC control.

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