Automotive / Metals

Water is essential for metallic hardware treatment and has the ability to move materials and eliminate impurities during the manufacturing process. Water is used at all stages of production for heating, cooling, lubricating and conditioning.

Process Water Treatment

Water is used in a wide variety of purposes in automotive and metal industries. Water has to be treated effectively and efficiently to ensure sufficient quality and quantity is available for production.

Process water must generally be treated again after it has been used, so that it can either be discharged in compliance to regulations or returned to the production cycle. We develop, build, and install treatment plants for process water that are tailored to the respective task, are economical and have a low environmental footprint. We use state-of-the-art treatment technology, with physio-chemical, biological, or membrane processes, customized precisely to the respective specification. Often we combine processes to achieve the right result. Our portfolio for process water treatment ranges from standardized small plants up to customized large-scale plants.

Paint Shop Coagulation

Our extensive expertise in chemical coagulation, key process parameters and evaluation of results from full scale to laboratory tests, is the basis for our tailor-made chemical products for the wastewater treatment of automotive paint shops.

SKion Water offers paint coagulation and sludge processing with chemicals that allow the paint sludge to be reliably discharged and disposed of. This shortens batch times and reduces operating, energy and maintenance costs.

Metal Processing Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater from industrial production is contaminated with a variety of substances and heavy metals. Specialist knowledge is required for the effective treatment of wastewater to the mandated quality.

Our state-of-the-art systems remove heavy metals from wastewater via a combination of conventional and innovative processes such as flocculation, activated carbon adsorption and oxidation with UV or ozone. We supply customized plants to meet customer requirements, and offer both batch systems and continuous systems for larger capacities.

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