Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming, protects aquatic environments and is critical for food security for a growing human population. SKion Water looks after all water treatment aspects of seafood production, with advanced water and wastewater solutions for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Our portfolio covers chemicals and dosing, filtration, oxygenation, ozone disinfection, biological treatment and remote water quality control.

Water Quality Control

The quality of the water is key in recirculating aquaculture systems and we can provide cutting-edge online monitoring systems to ensure it. Our integrated online solutions monitor all parameters relevant for a fully functional RAS.

Our experience in online monitoring provides specific solutions that directly translate to major benefits for the aquaculture sector. Our data management and analytics solutions augment our technologies for robust and cost-effective operations.

For example, the measurement of ammonium in water is an effective alert system as, with changing pH values, toxic ammonia can be formed. Online monitoring is especially relevant in aquaculture facilities because a rapid warning of toxicity avoids significant economic losses. We also provide compact monitoring systems suitable for container transportation of living species.

Aeration and Oxygenation

In aquaculture, oxygen is the most important element and by far the most important factor for fish and seafood health. It is vital to keep the oxygen concentration under control at all times. SKion Water offers the perfect solution.

Oxygen levels have an impact on a number of parameters such as animal health, feed conversion ratios, productivity and, as a result, growth rates. We offer an easy to control and highly efficient gas mass transfer technology. It reduces OPEX, keeps fish healthy and increases growth rates.

Water Treatment (Biological and Ozone Disinfection)

Treating water for aquaculture is critical for healthy growth and animal survival. SKion Water offers advanced biological filtration treatment and ozone solutions for RAS systems.

Process control systems that supply sufficient oxygen, maintain and control high water quality in terms of chemical and biochemical oxygen demand, as well as control of dissolved organic carbon and total suspended solids, are the foundation of a well-operated RAS.

The biological integrated solutions we offer remove harmful pollutants resulting from biofilm growth in an RAS system and metabolizes ammonia excreted by fish and seafood. Our tailor-made ozone solutions are effective in eliminating pathogens and improving water quality, which inevitably leads to the improvement of the overall system and fish health. Using ozone for water conditioning in the RAS systems also reduces geosmin concentration in the water which eliminates “off-flavors” in the final product.

Furthermore, SKion Water experts offer customized technical options for the treatment and reuse of wastewater generated from small and large RAS systems.

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