Oct 2020


Welcome to the World of Plastics!


Evodos was approached by a UK-based plastics recycling company to evaluate the efficiency of the Evodos Dynamic Settler in treating a difficult separation of a key component from their recycling process.  

Evodos was commissioned to do a field test. One of the units was designed to handle the higher-than-normal operating temperatures of the feed (above 80 degrees Celsius) and a plan was developed to execute the testing at the recycling company’s facility in the UK. However, due to the pandemic, the trials were executed at Evodos’ Raamsdonksveer facility. The reagents were shipped to Evodos’ facility where a boiler unit was utilized to heat the fluids and continue the tests for the client. Ultimately, the Evodos Dynamic Settler successfully provided high recoveries of the required products, satisfying both the customer and the Evodos team!

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