Apr 2023


FIDO TECH signs deal with Microsoft to help it make progress against its positive water commitment

London, UK

A new collaboration between Microsoft and FIDO is helping Microsoft make progress against its water replenishment goal, part of an overarching Water Positive commitment. In 2020, Microsoft made a commitment to be water positive by 2030. By fixing water losses, it positively impacts water availability across watersheds with a quantifiable impact.

FIDO Direct will be deployed to 350km of Thames Water’s network as part of the initial work. The offering is underpinned by FIDO AI, one of the most sophisticated AI solutions in identifying leaks, ranking them by size, even in the noisiest networks, and regardless of pipe material or condition.
Melanie Nakagawa, Chief Sustainability Officer at Microsoft, said: "We’re announcing a first-of-its-kind leak detection technology replenishment project in London with FIDO Tech that will reduce water lost to leakage in London’s ageing distribution network, leveraging FIDO’s AI-enabled acoustic leak analysis. This project is expected to save millions of cubic meters of water per year.”

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