Complaints Procedure

This is the complaints procedure of SKion GmbH in accordance with Section 8 of the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG). It offers all employees, customers, suppliers and other external parties a worldwide platform for complaints. This platform can be used to report violations or indications of human rights or environmental risks in a protected manner.

Our platform


Any potential misbehavior by employees or business partners or other persons in the supply chain puts the company at risk. Therefore, a positive and open reporting culture is important. For this reason, all employees, business partners and affected parties are encouraged to provide information, particularly with regards to human rights and environmental risks. The purpose of this platform is to identify, prevent, eliminate or mitigate risks.

How does it work?


The external service provider SafeCall receives the messages via the above-mentioned platform. By doing so, we can offer the system in over 16 languages and it is available 24/7.

The top priority in this process is the protection of the reporting person. When submitting your report, you can decide whether you want to disclose your identity or remain anonymous. You can choose between three types of confidentiality and your decision will be respected.

  • Named: When submitting your report, you can agree to your identity being disclosed to a small group of people who will conduct the following investigation. These persons will treat your identity confidentially.
  • Semi Anonymous: Alternatively, you can disclose your identity to SafeCall on the understanding that SafeCall will not disclose it. This allows the investigation team to ask you any questions about your report via SafeCall without SKion knowing your identity.
  • Anonymous: You also have the option of not giving your name, etc. when making your report. In this way, you remain completely anonymous.

We encourage you to agree to disclose your identity when reporting (Named) or to report at least Semi Anonymous. Reports often trigger questions during the following investigation. Anonymous reports do not allow such questions to be asked. The investigation then may end without a satisfying result.

Please also see in this context our SKion data privacy statement and the SafeCall Data Privacy Policy.

Do not report anything that you know not being the truth. Reporting wrong information may have serious legal consequences. Protection of your identity and protection from retaliation is based on the assumption that the information reported is true.