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Unique bioelectrode sensor technology for real-time monitoring

Founded in 2013, SENTRY is a Canadian technology company that monitors water quality in real-time by using a unique bio-electrochemical sensor. The sensor leverages microbial fuel cell technology to assess the biological activity of water.

A reliable solution with low complexity, the SENTRY technology can operate in real-time in challenging environments, helping to make smarter water and wastewater treatment decisions.


Core Competencies


Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
Process Optimisation

The SENTRY sensor monitors the treatment efficiency of process steps and analyses incoming water streams based on their biodegradability. That allows operators to make smart decisions around biological treatment, whether it's reducing airflow to save energy when the plant has a low organic load or adding carbon when chemicals enter the plant.

Anaerobic Digestion
Use of given resources

The SENTRY sensor monitors organic loading to digestors. It enables operators to prevent souring of the digestor and to optimize biogas production. Downtime, which is a high cost, can be reduced, allowing more green energy production and revenue for the plant.

Clean Water
Increase Water Safety

The SENTRY sensor can monitor organics throughout all clean water applications including drinking water distribution, treatment, and watershed health. Through monitoring the biological activity of the water, clients are able to treat and disinfect water more effectively and ensure environmental health.

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SKion Water Ownership
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