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Ultrafine separation

Founded in 2007, Evodos is a Dutch technology company that has revolutionized the algae market and is now transforming resource recovery with its innovative dynamic settling centrifugal technology for ultrafine separation. The main fields of application are dewatering, algae harvesting and removing particles from oil-based mud.

The fully automated spiral plate technology allows for high separation efficiency and liquid-free discharge. It is the only chemical-free technology that can separate (ultra)fine particles such as algae, fine clays and oil-based mud.

Core Competencies


Oil & Gas
Oil-Based Drilling Mud Rejuvenation

The Evodos technology is able to completely rejuvenate oil-based drilling muds and offers superior operational and economical benefits. Evodos offers significant cost potential to its customers of up to 50% when added to the solids control system because it eliminates the need for dilution and cuts waste disposal.

Best-in-Class Algae Harvesting

Intact harvesting of delicate microalgae with best-in-class dry weight content and minimal damage to the algae cells. Utilizing the separation technology of Evodos Dynamic Settlers in the harvesting process offers certain advantages that are critical for the cost effectiveness of microalgae producers.

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