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Leading industrial water and wastewater treatment technology provider

EnviroWater Group is a solution provider for industrial process and wastewater treatment technologies and services, integrating the full range of treatment technologies into tailored solutions to meet customer requirements. With over 40 years of experience, EnviroWater Group has a comprehensive service offering including plant maintenance, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resin regeneration, plant operations, digital services and contracting models.

EnviroWater Group serves customers in industries such as automotive, chemicals, dairy, food & beverage, pharma & life science, metals, mining, pool, spas and textiles. EnviroWater Group has a leading presence in Europe, MENA and Russia.

Core Competencies


Water and Wastewater Treatment for Industry

EnviroChemie is a leading solution provider for industrial water and wastewater treatment as well as water re-use and recycling. EnviroChemie supplies industrial customers with tailor-made water treatment plants which are designed, built and maintained by their in-house engineers and experts.

Water Treatment for Industry, Labs and Medical Use

EnviroFALK specializes in process water treatment to disinfect, filter, desalinate, demineralize, soften and degas water using technologies such as membranes, filtration, electrodeionization and ion exchange. EnviroFALK has its own in-house piping, plant engineering and switch cabinet construction competence.

Water Treatment for Research and Healthcare

EnviroDTS specializes in water and wastewater treatment for laboratories, research institutes and hospitals by using sophisticated processes such as thermal sterilization and inactivation treatment of radioactive wastewater. EnviroDTS has over 35 years of experience and has built more than 6,000 plants for infectious and radioactive wastewater.

Industrial Water Treatment and Ozone Solutions for Public Pools, Spas & Industry

EnviroProcess is the leading water purification supplier for public pools and spa facilities across Scandanavia. EnviroProcess also provides industrial customers with water and wastewater solutions, including water recycling and tailor-made ozone applications.

EnviroChemie UK
Water Treatment and Bio-Energy Solutions for Industry

EnviroChemie UK is a UK-based water and wastewater treatment solution provider and a leading supplier of on-site aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment solutions for industries such as dairy, food & beverage and pharma.

Wilhelm Werner
Ultrapure Water Treatment for Industry

Wilhelm Werner has over 30 years of experience supplying water treatment solutions to pharma, cosmetics, food & beverage, microelectronics and medical care industries. Wilhelm Werner specializes in designing, engineering and building water treatment plants for the production of ultra-pure water, purified water and highly purified water.

Water Treatment Systems for Pharmaceutical Use

Letzner provides consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance services for the pharmaceutical industry. Letzner focuses on water for injection, purified water, and pure steam for pharmaceutical customers and supplies tailor-made and modular systems that meet both customers' and regulatory requirements.

Industrial Water Management
Water Treatment and Hygiene Services

Industrial Water Management is an Irish provider of water treatment and hygiene services for steam boilers, cooling towers and drinking water systems in the healthcare, industrial and commercial facility management sectors. IWM specializes in Legionella prevention and treatment services and the supply of water chemicals.

SKion Water Ownership
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