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As a SKion Water employee, you will be shaping the future of our planet’s most finite resource: water. Our portfolio companies are diverse and focus on different sectors, regions, and solutions for water and wastewater treatment.

The Passion that unites us

Work with a great team

Work with purpose

Be part of a group of global water technology companies that provide industries and municipalities with the highest quality, sustainable, economical, and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment.

The passion for water unites us across the portfolio. Working at one of our companies means that you are providing solutions to water challenges, ensuring a cleaner world for next generations, and constantly creating a positive impact.

Be innovative and sustainable

You will be at the forefront of water technology plant solutions and innovation and faced with challenges that will enhance your creative thinking, and your environmental expertise.

Sustainability is one of SKion Water's core values. We protect and preserve the environment through our joint efforts to find the best technical solutions for the water sector and to advance our innovative technologies. Support us in our goal to reduce our carbon footprint with our own innovations and to secure and preserve the environment and water resources for future generations.

Work with a great team and be part of a global network

You have the opportunity to join a truly global network as we have companies with projects all over the world, in sectors ranging from municipal to food & beverage or pharma, in countries such as Thailand, several European countries, North and South America or New Zealand.

How do we reach this goal?

  • Ensure open and respectful communication
  • Focus on goals and results
  • Value gender & cultural diversity
  • Prioritize punctuality and high quality
  • Listen and respect different opinions

Check our values and mission to learn more about what we believe in.

Facts & Figures

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Job profiles

Examples of what it looks like to work at SKion Water

As an enthusiastic engineer, you can use your expertise in sales, research and development, project execution, or in any other field to make our water treatment systems a real success. Join our team of global water experts if you have strong problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.

In this role, you transform the ideas and projects into real steel/PVC. Using your mechanical skills and your technical knowledge, you are responsible for the expansion, assembly and maintenance of our water systems. Join our team and be part of exciting projects around the world.

As a software engineer, you will work on creating digital and automated solutions for water treatment systems. Your solutions will have a great impact on making systems more efficient and sustainable. Join SKion Water to lead digital innovation in the water sector!

If you are passionate about working on innovative software solutions, we are happy to welcome you at SKion Water. Your ideas, expertise and creative spirit will contribute to the design and optimization of our digital process solutions. You will help our businesses grow and succeed by providing solutions to technical challenges.

This is the right role for you if you are excited about innovation in the water sector and R&D in the lab and/or in the field. You will have the opportunity to research, innovate and optimize existing technologies, solutions and processes.

As a sales or project manager, you will have the opportunity to pitch and/or execute exciting and sustainable water treatment solutions to customers around the world. If you enjoy a customer-facing role, and believe in the future of environmental technology solutions, this is the right company for you!

With your skills in finance, human resources, marketing, legal or general support activities you keep the company running. SKion Water is the right place for you if you show passion in what you do and would like to help keep our water businesses run smoothly.

If you are looking for a new personal and professional challenge, are excited about developing a niche product or service and love to work with like-minded risk-takers, then get in touch with our breakthrough technology companies! SKion Water’s start-ups are agile and aim at disrupting the water section.


Student internship

We are looking for students and young professionals eager to gain experience in our portfolio companies and learn about the global water industry and be exposed to solving the world’s climate challenges.  You will join one of our global companies and be supported and mentored throughout your internship. We offer summer internships, master thesis internships, and trainee opportunities, both virtual and on-site (or flexible).

Join us and grow with us!

Current job opportunities

Spain + international offices

Technology company delivering data-driven insights for the quality and quantity of water in the environment

Chile + international offices

South American water and wastewater treatment solution provider

Innovative water technology solutions for the municipal water and wastewater treatment markets in the UK

Efficient plant construction for municipal water and wastewater treatment

Competent plant construction for municipalities

Municipal waste water and sludge technologies for sustainability and climate protection

Dutch company providing sustainable technologies and solutions for European municipal water and wastewater treatment markets

Wastewater engineering and construction for municipalities and industry


Process engineering company specializing in water, wastewater and sludge treatment

Industrial water and wastewater treatment and reuse

Experts in industrial water treatment technology, specialty chemical products for water treatment, and system renovation

Water and wastewater treatment for laboratories, research institutes and healthcare

Resource-saving treatment of water-bearing systems in industrial plants

Irish company providing water hygiene and Legionella prevention

Experts in water, ultrapure water and process water treatment

Water treatment specialist for pharmaceutical and high purity applications

Expertise in water purification and water treatment

Innovative technology provider for heating water protection

EnviroWater Group
Sweden + international offices

Water technology company for the pool & spa segment


Specialist for AI drinking water network leakage detection


Digital solutions for water, wastewater and biogas systems

Singapore + international offices

Solution provider for industrial water and wastewater treatment in Southeast Asia

Canada + international offices

International water and wastewater treatment technology company

The Netherlands + international offices

Specialist solution provider for industrial biological wastewater treatment


Company providing real-time bioelectrode sensor technology


Company providing microfluidic sensor technology


Innovative solutions for problematic and challenging wastewaters

If you can’t find an open position at your favorite portfolio company, then please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help.