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Susanne Klatten

SKion Water is a global water and wastewater technology solution provider

"Without water there is no life and for water there is no substitute. For me, investing into water technology companies is both an entrepreneurial opportunity and a chance to push the protection of this precious resource.

SKion Water provides reliable and efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions to municipal utilities as well as industrial and commercial water users. It also aims at the development and implementation of innovative water technologies. What started as an idea 10 years ago, has grown into a group of diverse companies under the roof of SKion Water. Entrepreneurial management teams - who share my passion for water - create a leading holistic player in the water technology market."

SKion Water, a subsidiary of SKion GmbH, is the water technology investment company of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten.


Ensure availability of clean water for all citizens, sustainable use of scarce water resources and protection of waterbodies from pollution, through the delivery of solutions, services and treatment plants we build.


Create a global group of water technology companies who provide industries and municipalities with high quality, sustainable, economical and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment. We strive to break new ground, build high quality treatment plants, advance innovative technologies and establish the most effective solutions while constantly improving our internal processes and services in order to deliver best-in-class results. Our leadership teams operate as entrepreneurs in their market segments and collaborate with each other within SKion Water to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


We provide sustainable and efficient solutions, plants and services to resolve our customers' water and wastewater challenges and to protect and preserve, for future generations, the environment and water resources.

We are open to innovative and “out of the box” solutions and new ways of thinking. We are keen to learn about new technologies and business models that align with our core vision and mission. We invite, support and encourage change and aim to be a platform where entrepreneurs and visionaries can succeed.

We believe that integrity is the top leadership attribute and therefore support companies that live up to the highest ethical standards. Our employees are transparent, trustworthy, fair and honest.

We are committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers and the environment. We are committed to giving our employees the opportunity to grow personally and to grow the businesses that they lead or operate in.

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SKion Water


Dr. Reinhard Hübner

With a background in industrial operations, Dr. Reinhard Hübner has over 20 years of professional experience, including with an international management consultancy. Since 2010, he has been responsible for building and managing SKion Water.

Dr. Dirk Brusis
Managing Director

As a process engineering specialist, Dr. Dirk Brusis possesses over 18 years of experience, including management consulting with a focus on technology development and as managing director of an engineering office. Since 2012, he has been responsible for the development and management of SKion Water.

Anthea Viragh
Investment Manager

With a degree in International Relations and East Asian Studies and several years living in various Asian countries, Anthea Viragh has vast experience in this region. Since 2018, she has been responsible at SKion Water for business development and the further expansion of water operations in Asia.

Anna Pozhidaeva
Finance Director

Anna Pozhidaeva has over 15 years of experience in finance and controlling, first at one of the big four accounting firms and then in group finance accounting and controlling at a European technology company. Since June 2020, she is responsible for group finance and controlling at SKion Water.

Ana Lena Herrling
Manager Technology Projects

With a master degree in bioprocess engineering and several years of work experience in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, Ana Lena Herrling has international expertise in water technologies and applications. She joined SKion Water in 2020 and supports technology cooperation and business development within the portfolio.

Dr. Alice Sommer
Business Development Manager

After several years in academia developing statistical frameworks for environmental health researchers, Alice Sommer gained expertise in problem solving, data science, and project management. Since April 2021, she focuses on business development initiatives and digitalization across the SKion Water platform.

Dr. Ahsan Muhammad
Investment Manager

Dr. Ahsan Muhammad has over 10 years of experience in the water sector including operational work with water and wastewater utilities as well as management consulting with a focus on operational and corporate strategic projects. He is responsible for supporting new acquisitions, along with developing and implementing key initiatives to drive value across the portfolio of SKion Water.

Christian Cramer
Procurement Manager

As a business graduate with several years of professional experience at a German aviation group, a British hotel holding and others, Christian Cramer has extensive experience in controlling and procurement. Since November 2023, he is responsible for strategic procurement at SKion Water, the implementation of the Supply Chain Act and the coordination of compliance management in procurement.

Irena Vlaho
Event Manager

After receiving a technical college degree in business and administration, Irena Vlaho began her work in 2012 as an office administrator for the Quandt/Klatten family office. Since 2013, Irena Vlaho supports SKion Water with event planning, accounting and internal and external communication.

Stefanie Müller
Communications Manager

With a degree in English philology, Stefanie Müller was previously an assistant and analyst in a management consultancy and later a statistics specialist at a bank. Since October 2020, she supports the SKion Water team and is responsible for internal and external communication as well as setting up the SKion Water Academy.

Tanja Michelizza
Executive Assistant

After completing her business education, Tanja Michelizza worked for several years as a management assistant at an industrial company and then joined the Quandt/Klatten family office in 2003 as assistant to the managing director and manager of the HR department. Since 2012, she is part of SKion Water as Executive Assistant to Dr. Hübner and the team.